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The art of drawing with light. Showing the beauty of order.

Bird Watching at Huntly Meadows

Recently, we have been studying Matthew 7:7 where it says, “Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you:”. On an event-packed, fellowship-filled vacation to the Wilkes’ a few weeks ago, we had the perfect opportunity to apply and experience this verse.  Early on Saturday […]

A Different Perspective

God distinctly declares that His ways are not our ways. He also declares that His ways are higher than our ways. (Isaiah 55:8-9) When I submit my will to His will, I die to my own ways and thus become able to follow His higher ways. This is where creativity starts! Instead of looking at […]

Orchard Patrol Birdfeeder

    An idea was put into action in 2004 which has turned out to be a success after a two-year trial. The idea was to make a specially designed birdfeeder that would attract specific beneficial species of birds to the orchard area. The beneficial species include those with the habit of finding and eating the harmful insects […]

What’s Really There

Despite its beauty and extraordinary singularity, snow can be rather difficult to take pictures of, especially while it is still snowing. Cameras are quite delicate. Water ruins delicate equipment. Snow is just another form of water. In other words, you can’t take many pictures until the snow stops. In my situation, because the temperature hovered […]

Winter Art

The first snow this year of any significance fell on January 9. After snowing an inch or so in the morning, the clouds thinned and it appeared the day would be rather dull. However, come late afternoon, a sudden darkness of clouds came in and within a few minutes, it began to snow again. By […]

Christmas Impressions

Christmas is one of the most enjoyable and challenging seasons to photograph. The feelings of peace, coziness, anticipation, and reverence are the invisible impressions I strive to create in my final works of art. This rarely comes by accident but is achieved through experience, forethought, and creative deliberation. Here are the highlights of Christmas 2006. […]

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