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An Autumn Tradition: Pumpkin Pie

With so much pumpkin from the garden this year, what better way to use it than to make pumpkin pie! We like the honey in this recipe that replaces all the sugar, though we do serve it with cool whip or ice cream. 🙂 This is perfect for Thanksgiving. 2 eggs, slightly beaten 2 cups […]

Pumpkin Bisque

The days are getting colder and there is nothing like a good hot soup to warm you up. Hmmm. What kind of soup should we make? Around here pumpkin bisque is a logical answer. Last week Donald brought in over 300 pounds of melon squash which can be used just like pumpkin. The blending step […]

Happiness or Joy?

We recently had company and I overheard the six-year-old asking her mother, “Why do the people in this house laugh all the time?” Well, that was her perspective. It made me laugh. 🙂 It also made me think. What is the reason people laugh? People are happy when things go their way. It comes naturally. […]

Creamed Tomatoes

The Lord has blessed our tomato plants abundantly this year! Thanks to Michael’s diligence, we have harvested over 200 pounds and they are still coming. David is the great biscuit maker around here and we love fixing our tomatoes this way and serving it warm over his biscuits. Enjoy! 4 cups blended tomatoes 1 1/2 […]

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