It might be winter now, but Sassafras (or Sassyfras to some) season is just around the corner! Some time in the first half of February, well before the trees start to bud and after the ground has thawed, you can dig out a few Sassafras roots (a little goes a long way) and enjoy Sassafras tea all spring. The farmers around here say it "prepares your blood viscosity for summer". Jonathan and I put this little video together to demonstrate the digging process.

Once you have your roots, all you need to do is wash and scrub them
well, and cut them into chunks. One or two pieces about the size of
your thumb will easily flavor a gallon of boiling water in short order. Turn off the heat and allow to set overnight and more tea will be ready in the morning. Too strong, add more water. Too weak, boil longer or add more root. Sweeten to taste with local honey!