The beginnings of our Rockies Road trip was incredible! Our time in Canada was incredible! And now I’d like to share about the incredible time the Lord blessed us with as we made our way back home.


IMAG0431Some of the highlights for me at the Kowalchuks was celebrating Canadian Thanksgiving, Robert and Kendalyn’s reception, driving through the breathtaking landscape of the Canadian Rockies chatting with Aleita, seeing Jessica, Kerzdenn and their sweet kids and finally touring the Kowalchuks farm that I’ve heard so much about. Crossing the border back into the States, we found Montana beautifully blanketed in a layer of snow.  Highlights there included huddling IMAG0428IMAG0484around the campfire eating IMAG0453IMAG0445IMAG0489our Indian-peppered-dinner in Glaiser National Park, watching James take amazing pictures of the wild-life the Lord brought our way (see and spotting a moose swimming across a lake on IMAG0510IMAG0533IMAG05236 Sunrise Oct 6a very cold hike. And what topped off the trip so perfectly was getting to visit incredible families along the way home! The Suttons, Brukhaulters and Schuumans were such gracious hosts! We praise the Lord for this truly incredible family vacatio092412-JAS_6838nIMAG05418 Northwestern South Dakota, Burkhalters91 Monday morning Oct 8100812-JAS_1823IMAG0545100912-JAS_1881!